Meadow Dance

Meadow Dance
Meadow Dance, Progress as of July 2003

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Current Rotation, defined

So a friend said "great, but what are you really working on". Okay, good question. Here's the (general) plan:

Every Monday I am going to put away the current project, even if I've only stitched one stitch on it, and pick up the next project on the list. Back when I was stitching ALL the time (pre-Emi days) I did this. Every week, no matter what, I was stitching something different. I found that I was excited every day to stitch. At one point I got up to seven or eight projects, so by the time I got back to one, it had been more than a month (or two!) since I had touched it. I'd like to get back to that at some point because it *really* kept things fresh and moving along.

Right now my plan (again, general) is to have one totally NEW project, one project that is not new but not "dug from the back of the closet" and one UFO. A *UFO* is a project that was, heh, dug from the back of the closet. An UnFinished Object (actually, I think of them as Unfinished Forgotten Objects.)

With all that in mind, the current projects (in rotation order) are:

Country Cottage Needleworks - Spring Violet. Here is the chart, there is no progress picture yet ... I am still "in the week". I will take one at the end of the week and post it. It is my goal to post a progress picture each week. Well, it's a goal!

Next week: CSN (Cross-Stitch & Needlework Magazine) - Mini Trios. I have the first one almost finished. With luck I will finish that one next week and start on the second.

And week three, I am picking up an OLD project. Marjolein Bastin's Spring Meadow. I loved this when I started it, but it just became a H.U.G.E. project. Very intricate with color changes every few stitches. As much as I loved it, I got bored with it and set it aside. That was before I started rotation stitching. I am curious to see if just stitching on it a week at a time will help bring the love back, or if it's doomed forever. Time will tell. Here is the chart, and my progress until July of 2003 when I tossed it in drawer to be moved three times! What you see here is probably 6-8 months of solid stitching. I have a ways to go.

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