Meadow Dance

Meadow Dance
Meadow Dance, Progress as of July 2003

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, best laid plans. Last year did NOT end up being a stitching year. Too much going on between new house, Emi and Emi attending school. I am going to attempt to stitch this year, but I am *not* setting myself up for huge lists like last year.

I did finish one, and only one, project. I can't post a picture (yet) as I have, sigh, yet to mail it to the friends it goes to. It was a wedding gift, then I was going to make it a first anniversary gift, then a Christmas gift. Now, it's a "it was supposed to be a wedding gift, but I hope you like it"! I will post a picture just as soon as I mail it, and I know it's been received.

We were in Virginia last week visiting family. I stole a couple of hours of ME time (rare) and ran into Fredericksburg to one of my most favorite stitching shops - Everything Cross Stitch. Sadly they do not have a web site, darn I should have taken pictures when I was in there. Next time! I picked up a new (to me) chart. I could not wait to get home and start working on it! It's Spring Violets by Country Cottage Needleworks. I find it interesting that I am drawn more and more to their charts. Something about the use of color and the wonderful sayings just speak to me. I have also stitched their Summer Garden, which I need to find and hang. I will post the picture when I do. I lovelovelove that chart. It's probably one of my favorite charts ever. In looking for the links for this post, I found a couple more I think I need to stitch: Snowflake Serenade, Joy*Love*Peace, and possibly Garden Girl for our sweet Emi. (Wow, I just realized that the wedding gift I stitched was *also* a CCN chart. I might be turning into a groupie!)

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