Meadow Dance

Meadow Dance
Meadow Dance, Progress as of July 2003

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010: The Year of ....

Yikes, this poor little blog. No attention at all after setting it up. I doubt I will post often, but I do want to keep track this year of my projects. You see, this year is:
The Year of the UFO (unfinished projects)*
The Year of the Stocking**
*While unpacking I found a slew (small mountain) of projects that I started and for various reasons, put aside and never finished. As I have time I am going to go through them and decide - do I really want to do each one. Then, with the ones I want to: re-kit and put them in to-stitch order.

**I have quite the collection of Shepherd's Bush stockings. I even know which ones I want to stitch for each of us. They look fun, quick and beautiful (and will look *amazing* hanging on the new mantel next Christmas), I just have to get off my behind and start them!

My Stitching Goals for 2010: (in no particular order)
Stockings for Jeff, Emi and me - I should be able to get three done in a year!
Finish at least five UFO's
Finish the Wedding Gift (that is first first first on the list)
Set up my sewing/stitching storage room
Try not to start any new projects until both gifts are done, one stocking is in the works and maybe another UFO is done (we'll see ... this is a hard one - I love new projects and there are SO many new and awesome charts coming out right now)